Elaphite islands

Elaphite islands are true jewels of the Dubrovnik archipelago. This chain of islands between the Pelješac penninsula and the Lapad penninsula used to be a favorite destination for Dubrovniks aristocrats during the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. The remains of old churches, summer residences and basilicas are scattered all over the islands.

The Elaphite islands consist of a large number of reefs and rocks as well as eight islands and five islets: Daksa, Koločep, St.Andrija, Lopud, Ruda, Šipan, Mišnjak, Jakljan, Kosmeč, Goleč, Crkvine, Tajan and Olipa. Only three of the islands (Koločep, Lopud and Šipan) are inhabited and are the most popular islands to be visited.

With their well preserved natural beauty and pristine clear waters, they are the perfect getaway from the city crowds. Although most are uninhabited, you can take a day trip to one of the inhabited islands (Koločep, Lopud or Šipan) with ferries operating in the morning (returning in the afternoon) from Gruž Harbour (5 min walk from the hotel).

Alternatively hire a private boat with skipper to explore the islands at your own pace and see what interests you. Group boat tours (aka Fish Picnic tours) are also available for booking at reception however keep in mind that during the summer months these boats are packed with lots of people.