After spending over 25 years in Sydney Australia the Vicelic family decided to return to Dubrovnik and opened the Berkeley Hotel in 2007. Our family (Nick, Marija, Mirjana, Katarina and Iva) are all actively involved in the operation of the hotel along with amazing staff who we now also regard as part of the family.

Story behind the name

We have a lot of guests ask the story behind the name Berkeley. The Vicelic family after years of co-running restaurants in Sydney with family decided in 1997 to buy a pub in Sydney's Chippendale area to call their new home and business. The Berkeley in Chippendale soon became a hit amongst the locals with the warm hospitality and food bringing together the richly diverse local community of inner Sydney. In 2002 the family decided it was time for a change and decided to return to their hometown of Dubrovnik. In 2007 the Berkeley Hotel in Dubrovnik was opened. Given decades in the restaurant business we have taken a break from fully operational restaurant and the hotel is limited to serving breakfasts... Never say never.

On 3rd August 2017 we celebrated 10 years of opening with our staff. Lots of fun, laughter and many memories. Looking forward to many more memorable moments.



Basic data:
KATIVA d.o.o. građenje, trgovinu i turizam
KATIVA d.o.o. Svetog Križa 10B, 20000 Dubrovnik
MBS: 090005313
OIB: HR69552090448
Transactional accounts: HR3324840081101671241 Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., HR5123600001102467405 Zagrebačka Bank d.d.
Founding capital: 14.698.900,00 HRK
Management: Nikola Vicelić, Katarina Elez