Collaboration with Iris Lobaš Kukavičić

We are so excited to have started a new collaboration with one of Dubrovniks most recognizable and popular artists, Iris Lobaš Kukavičić. Iris is a professional artist as well as Professor at Dubrovnik University.

Some of her most important works are sculptures set in outer spaces: ‘The Sittng Figure’ at Hartmann’s administrative building in Copenhagen Denmark, ‘Plesacica’ (translate Dancer) set in front of Aquarius Club Zagreb, ‘A group of scupltures’ in Koprivnica and her art installation ‘Water Polo Players’ in new Terminal C building at Dubrovnik International Airport.

We fell in love with her unique and colourful artworks especially those incorporating Dubrovnik so we asked her to design our new tote bags.

Our new tote bags with unique and playful motif of Dubrovnik will be given as a welcome gift to all guests booking directly with us for stay of 2 or more nights.

This is just the start of our new collaboration with Iris as we have many more ideas for future projects together.

You can find out more information on Iris and her works on her website:

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