Far from Old Town? Really?

On occassion in guest reviews we receive comments such as ‘located far from Old Town’ or ‘not in Old Town’. Of course everyone is welcome to have their thoughts and comments and that’s what review collection is all about people sharing their experiences with others. However I find that sometimes someone who is visiting Dubrovnik for the first time may look at such comments and get the wrong perspective on our location and  think that not being in Old Town is a bad thing when visiting Dubrovnik.

Without a doubt the Old Town is the most popular, postcard picture of Dubrovnik and holds special historical and cultural significance for us all. But given its increased popularity and that everything has been converted into apartments, restaurants, cafes and shops, do you wonder if its really that bad a thing that we are not located in Old Town?

So were are we located? We are located in Gruž harbour, one street up from the harbour forshore. At the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, the Gruz area was sparce and was actually a bay with beaches. Many of the cities nobleman had manors and land that they would use for agriculture. Over centuries the city expanded and over the course of time Gruž developed into a port and trading area. Today Gruz is a mainly residential and commercial area. The port area includes the main local and international ferry terminal, bus terminal as well as cruise ship port.

For locals, Gruz is the central place where they can go to the fresh food markets to buy local produce of fruits, vegtables and fresh fish. There are also local cafes and restaurants, parks for children and shops. Transport wise Gruž is the best connected area to get you anywhere in Dubrovnik, local bus lines, ferries and water taxis all operate from Gruž.

While speaking to a guest recently she shared how after a few days of being here and going to same cafe and local shop in Gruž the waiter and shop lady recognised them, she said she already felt like a local. She even perfected her local greeting ‘Adio’ and ‘Hvala’ (thank you).

So how far are we from Old Town? The Old Town of Dubrovnik is 2.5km from our hotel. It can be reached by local bus service (10min), walking (30min) or taxi (5-10min depending on traffic). An important note in deciding where to stay in Dubrovnik is you should keep in mind hotels that are within walking distance (5-10min) of Old Town are 5 star hotels with superior price tags. Private accomodation is more available, whether you decide on booking this remember to compare what the trade off is. After taking into account hotel amenities and features, private accomodation isn’t necessarily always the more affordable option.

When deciding on location keep in mind that areas such as Lapad and Babin Kuk are just as far (actually even further) from Old Town than Gruž plus the transport links to other parts of Dubrovnik are limited.

In summary, benefits of choosing accomodation with us in Gruž area:

  • You will find solace in your hotel away from the crowds and noise of other tourists
  • Appreciate that Dubrovnik is so much more than just the Old Town
  • Get a feel for how locals live
  • Easier access to explore areas outside of Dubrovnik (Cavtat, Mljet island)
  • Easier access to transport to other cities you are visiting before or after Dubrovnik (Korcula, Split, Hvar)
  • Restaurants and cafes are better value than many of those in Old Town


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