Get to know our staff… Marija Žuhović Letica (Reception, Sales, Conceirge and more)

Meet our staff

I remember the day Marija came for her job interview in 2012. I had just given birth a month earlier and she was looking for a change from her previous hotel job at a larger hotel group. She seemed very enthusiastic and motivated coupled with her previous experience we offered her a job immediately. She has been with us ever since. In the meantime, Marija got married and had a baby so if you have visited us previously and didn’t get a chance to meet Marija she may have been on maternity leave spending time with her beautiful baby boy.

Marija was born and raised in Dubrovnik, she graduated from University of Dubrovnik major in Tourism Destination Management.

What do you like most about your job?

I work on reception but I love that as part of my job I’m able to actually cover a few jobs in one, so rather than just being a receptionist I also do sales/reservations and concierge (helping guests pre and during stay with any requests). I love listening to guests sharing their experiences in Dubrovnik, making new friends and obviously love to chat so this job is a big bonus to practice my skills. Love the rush I get when we receive a new booking or something that needs a bit more effort. I have been employed at sales department and at the reception desk with previous employers but was not able to combine these two jobs and here I’m able to do so. Also it is very nice to be treated as a part of the family.

What are would be your top 3 places to visit or do in Dubrovnik?

  1. Definately Old Town but try and get lost in the streets of the Old town, that is the best way to get to know it and experience it. While in Old Town walk the city walls and then relax for a drink at Buža bar.
  2. Visit the Elaphite islands
  3. Visit Pelješac peninsula and Ston

Favourite Croatian dish/food/drink?

Food: Oysters (raw) definitely from Ston region

Dish: black risotto (aka black ink risotto), and octopus prepared under the bell

Drink: white vine (Pošip)

Favourite restaurant or bar?

The thing is, when I go out to eat I prefer to eat something I’m not able to prepare at home. Love Shizuku restaurant, Taj Mahal, Kopun. Pantarul is one of the best I restaurants I have been to, their menu changes depending on the season and my taste buds are spoilt every time I go, unfortunately I don’t go there very often since the reservation is really hard to get. In regards to bars,  love Katie O’Connors in the Old town, Vapor (a bit outside of Dubrovnik on the riverbank of Ombla).

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