Public buses in Dubrovnik: Handy way to get around

I have a lot of guests comment at how good the public bus transport is in Dubrovnik and I have to agree. The local buses are new, roomy and run on time (all you could ask for). The buses operate through all the main areas of Dubrovnik and once you get the hang of it, they are quite easy to use to get everywhere. Certain bus lines run more frequently than others and the bus line through Gruz (where we are) operates until 2am during summer. The only thing I have found is that it can be confusing for first time visitors to Dubrovnik to understand which bus line to take, so if this is you, don’t be shy just ask at reception for advice on the best bus to catch.

Tickets can be purchased on all kiosks for 12kn (valid for 1 hour) or on the bus for 15kn (valid for 1 hour). If you’re thinking of hopping around from place to place during the day, it might be better value to purchase a 24 hour ticket (time starts from the first time you validate the ticket) or a Dubrovnik city card which includes bus rides as well as entrance to museums and City Walls.

The standard (12/15kn) tickets can be used for all suburbs within Dubrovnik, however for areas outside of Dubrovnik such as Cavtat, Trsteno and Zaton you will need to purchase other tickets. They are not much more expensive and can be bought on the bus directly.

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